Monday, August 6, 2012

Second letterboxing day of the long weekend: Port Hope

The Salmon Run

Sunday of the long weekend started with some horrid humidity and some shockingly high temps - 40 C with the humidex.  Yuck.  And thunderstorms on the way... I ended up with a pretty bad headache halfway through the day which pretty much ended my day early, but I did get out and find some great boxes.

On route to Count Olaf. 
First, because it was on my way, I hit up Mallow Flower Up the Garden Path which I had missed last time.  Got it this time.  Moral of the story: either my legs or my stride is shorter than pretty much everyone else. Five of my steps in, and it was where it should be.  The red check mark will mock me no longer!

A little further up the highway, I stopped to give a go at studioloo's Count Olaf box in Bond Head. No success, but not a real thorough search though due to the crazy waves coming up the beach due to the oncoming storm.  The waves were actually so high that it was hitting me hard at the knees on the part of the beach where you should be able to find the box.  A little worried about being knocked over on the rocky beach, I put this one in my book for another search on a calm day.  But found some delightful sea glass on my way back to the car...

Green and blue (!) sea glass.

I then made my way out to Port Hope to find another of butterfly5's old boxes, Ganaraska River Fishway - Corbett's Dam Salmon Run.  Found this box without any trouble and took some serious time to go through the logbook and enjoy all the stamps and comments from visitors over the years. This box is now over seven years old.  Crazy.

The Salmon Run. Sans salmon.

I then tried to find Ganaraska River - Float your Fanny Down the Ganny also by butterfly5.  No go.  Once I figured out the clue, I tried unsuccessfully to find the box.  Not saying I had the right spot though - I think this is one I'd need another person to puzzle out the location with.  And, you know, to spot me if I fall in the river.  Which is highly possible.

I felt a headache coming on, but tried once more to get one more of butterfly5's boxes before I met up with Jay Birds, the Port Hope Waterfront Series (one of which is retired, only one box left).  The clues all worked just fine, got to the place where the box should be (and probably is) and was swarmed once again by European Fire Ants.  Stings on my foot this time.  Because the area was so overgrown, I couldn't get in and out of where the box was quickly in order to avoid the ants.  Having been stung and in pain, I gave up and headed out to Port Britian.  (Yes, I'm a quitter.)

Just beyond this image is a pack of ants that now have the taste for blood.

The clouds rolled in and Jay Birds and I only got to do her new excellent series, the Port Britian Parrotheads.  Any by "do", I mean walk around together chatting and then running like hell with the rain starting really coming down.  But, I did all three and then, head pounding, called it a day.

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