Monday, June 13, 2016

Carving Material Review: Studioworks Easy-Cut Lino

Above Ground - Easy-Cut Lino
It's time for yet another thin-type of carving material, this time locally sourced at Above Ground Art Suppies in Toronto.  If this is your first time seeing one of my carving material reviews, click on the link to the right for a spreadsheet of all of a summary the materials I've reviewed with links to the full review.

I found this new material at Above Ground when I was wandering the city with my sister.  The cost per sheet of this was fairly low - and because there's no shipping cost because it is locally available, it's quite inexpensive to use.

My first thought was that this stuff was going to be just like the DeSerres dark grey or the Dick Blick blue material, given that it appeared to be the same thickness.  I couldn't feel the material because of its packaging, but it's a vibrant green that was begging to be picked up...

So, how did it fare?

Monday, June 6, 2016

Carving Material Review: Speedy-Cut Easy by Speedball

Speedy-Cut Easy by Speedball
I had been warned.  I knew it would be bad... But I could never have appreciated how bad until I got my hands on this blue stuff

The cost was fairly average, again being unbalanced by the shipping costs to bring it up to Canada across the border.  I'm sure some craft or art supply store is carrying this stuff, but I won't be hunting that shop down to buy this stuff.

Speedball: you have such an opportunity and almost a cornered market in North America.  Why oh why would you do this to us? Why?