Monday, June 10, 2013

The hiatus will continue

Sorry for the radio silence.  It's been a wacky year so far, but  it's been great none the less.  The long time between posts shouldn't be taken as any sort of indication that I'm no longer letterboxing.  It's just a result of too much going on.  I'm busy with work (the good kind of busy), I've been taking sailing lessons on Sundays, I'm taking culinary arts on Thursdays, I've got rehearsals on Wednesdays, work commitments on Mondays... I'm also doing Zombies, Run! 5k and trying to get more active in between all of this other crap.  

A quick little update: Planting for PAL went well, lots were planted and although I didn't get all the boxes out that I had been planning to get out, I still hit a personal record of highest number of plants, next to all those I planted for last year's Box ON!.  I planted a couple of really nice ones at Mount Nemo, but (as of this writing) no one has even looked at the clues!  Poor lonely escarpment boxes.  I do enjoy my clue for this one, too.  That box is the humorous result of comments regarding all the ways to *not* plant and clue a box.  Heh. I have about a dozen boxes though that are at various stages of completion - and a couple non-letterboxing stamps that are priority at the moment.  The work continues...

So, as it stands, likely my next letterboxing outing will be towards the end of this month, and I plan to start regularly posting again early July.

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer! I've been getting lots of find reports on AQ, which I love -  particularly when there are comments.  Slowly but surely, all my PAL boxes are being found - including my mystery box which I'm happy about.

Happy trails!