Friday, November 29, 2013

Back in Burlington, Ontario

Ugh. So tired, I feel like I could sleep through until the new year. 

So, while I have perhaps been MIA from the letterboxing world since L&BXV, I have been crazy busy at work and preparing to move. No letterboxing for me, and I haven't really been even lurking on the AQ boards lately. 

The good news is that I'm finally moved, and have now been a week in the new place in Burlington. And since I have more room, I've even set myself with a new crafty area with a desk just for my letterboxing stuff. Good times. 

I need I get my Christmas stamp & cards done, finish the rest of my parades, go on my cruise, get Christmas out of the way, and then I *swear* I'll be back to boxing. 


Happy trails!