Saturday, August 11, 2012

It's like getting presents in the mail...

So in preparing for Box ON!, I've put out requests for raffle items to offset the costs of the event. Just like with my requests for carvings, I've had a number of positive responses and now that we're nearing the event itself I've started receiving things in the mail.

The first of the items that I've received is from the generous and talented deniserows who has sent two delightful logbooks to be raffled off in September.  They're really well made, two different designs, each with plenty of paper and a great coil to keep your stamp collection together properly.  One is a fantastic antique mapped cover with a 3D compass rose, the second is a cool woven map cover of land and water maps.  Deniserows is known for her logbook talent, and I'm glad I could see them up close!

Sign up for Box ON! and you can have a shot at having one of these beauties all to yourself!

Much thanks to this fellow letterboxer sending this gift all the way from Alaska and for contributing to Canadian letterboxing.  If/when I see you, deniserows, I owe you a great big hug!  The letterboxing community is really just a great big group of friends you haven't met yet :)

Happy trails!

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