Friday, August 31, 2012

Great craft fair...

You can go downtown to see some Toronto pigeons!
Hello letterboxers out there! In case you're interested, I just wanted to do a quick post about the Creativ Festival that is this October.  I went last year and was able to score some great deals on ColorBox inks.  At the time, that was pretty much all I was using, so I wasn't paying attention to other brands.  But I got some amazing deals last year, so I just wanted y'all to be aware.  Apparently they have other craft stuff too, or so I'm told.  *shrug*

This year it's at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on October 12-14, 2012.

More info here.



  1. How does it compare to One of a Kind?


    1. I love One of a Kind, too, but they're very different. Where at OoaK you can purchase beautiful *finished* things, the Creativ Festival is a somewhat smaller show where you can buy all kinds of materials/supplies for your crafting/arty inclinations, as well as learn about other crafts.

      For instance, last year I saw these amazing glass bead makers showing off their talents, selling a few finished beads, but mostly promoting coming out to their studio to do your own beadwork.

      More along the lines of letterboxing, there were some amazing folks who had bookmaking supplies and technique books, lots of scrapbookers who were selling stamps and supplies (shockingly, no one at all was selling/demonstrating carving your own stuff...), as well as oodles of knitting, quilting, crocheting, sewing folks.

      It was worth the price of admission for me last year for the deals I got on some inks (the lady was selling them only slightly above manufacture price, not retail, she says). Bought one of those ColorBox Petal Point pigment sets for $8 - the ones that Michael's sells for $28. The stamp people also all seemed to have "idea books" - their purpose was to hawk the manufactured stamps, but really, it just gave me ideas to carve my own ;)