Thursday, August 30, 2012

Death by carving

A week after, almost like it never happened.
Okay, so I probably shouldn't be so melodramatic, but I really cut my thumb good about a week ago. When I did it, I actually hardly felt it and went back to carving for a few moments. Then I couldn't understand why my hand was so sweaty, it wasn't, it was actually blood.

Then it started hurting. A lot. It's interesting to me that I only felt pain after I saw the blood.

Life moves on.

Then yesterday I was cleaning up one of my carves after finishing with a u-gouge when I slipped and gouged the tip of my pointer finger.  (As an aside, skin cuts just like pink stuff.  Coincidence?) That started hurting immediately and bled all over.  It is throbbing even now as I type this.

For the record, if I get some freak strain of tetanus and die, I want to be buried with a permanent spot in my tombstone for a permanent letterbox and a big-assed logbook. Please take a mold of my carved fingertip as the stamp.

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