Thursday, August 16, 2012

When two hobbies collide: postcrossing and letterboxing

Today, as usual, I came home after a long day of work looking forward to see what postcards might be waiting for me in the mail.  I was as usual delighted to find a pair of postcards waiting for me, but was blown away when I read one that came to me from Fort Dodge, Iowa.

This particular card came from a fellow letterboxer, helms2049, who kindly stamped the postcard with her miniature stamp and indicated that she had letterboxed nearby in St. Thomas, Ontario, last year.  The stamp she used looked vaguely familiar, so I looked her up on AQ and sure enough I recognize fully her signature stamp from my own travels in St. Thomas.  It is a teensy tiny world out there, people!

I also stalked her profile right to her blog, here: Ewe & Eye.  I love her post about the Charley Harper cardinals - I love Charley Harper prints.

Happy postcrossing!


  1. Sweet! How fun that we have stamped into the same boxes in the St. Thomas area! I couldn't let the opportunity pass to connect both of these fun pasttimes!

  2. Thank you both for coming to St. Thomas!!