Friday, August 10, 2012

The (online) history of letterbox events in Ontario

I love the rain we've been (finally) getting.
So in preparing for Box ON!, and given that I haven't been around for too many events, I did a search of all the events that have taken place in Ontario - or at least all those that are listed on AtlasQuest.

Impression: not that many. Actually, only 14 past events. That does't feel right. But it makes sense I suppose; letterboxing hasn't really been around in Ontario for all that long and there needs to be a certain minimum number of active boxers that  might be interested in going.

The oldest ones I see are the Rocks, Docks and Locks and the Great Canadian Micromeet #1.  I note that there is no #2. Heh. Both of these events were in 2006.  Looking at the attendees, I can see a couple names I can recognize, but mostly not.

The first Box ON! appears to be in Belleville in 2007, in Guelph in 2008, in Toronto in 2009, in Orangeville in 2010 (I'm still very crabby about having missed this one), and in Rockwood in 2011. That makes Mystery Markham the 6th annual Box ON! event.  Six is a good number.  I like it.

So, anyone up for a Big Boisterous Box ON! Bash for the 10th anniversary in 2016??

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