Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A quick logbook and thoughts on lined logs

The last couple days, the stamp carving has ground to a halt.  The Box ON! carvings are on hold. I have a huge pile of finished stamps, but still a large pile of stamps to be carved.  And my fingers, well, they don't want to cooperate anymore.  My fingers are sore even at work... I dread going back to band rehearsals which often make my fingers sore as well (I'm a nerd far beyond just letterboxing - I play piccolo too you know...)

So, logbook making instead, right?  Yeah, right.  My fingers don't seem to want to do that either.  But, I have a box that must be planted this weekend and a logbook must be made. So instead of going through any lengthy process to made one from scratch, I took a bought lined notebook and recovered it. 

I was sixes about the idea until I was finished.  I essentially took a printed page from a play, used it to cover the front and back of the logbook, and then took a dying ColorBox ink pad and antiqued that baby, and voila.  I actually quite like it. 

I know, it's lined... but does that really make a difference?  I'm not sure.  I think the thought process goes that lined books aren't ideal because it interferes with the beauty/art of the stamp impressions that are put inside.  I agree, I think.  Certainly I would never use a lined personal logbook.  But it's not something that I dislike when I find letterboxes.  Actually, I'd much rather find a lined logbook than I would a little series of blank papers bound in the corner with a zipstrip. Ugh. And in fact, I have a terrible time writing evenly when there is no line.  So I'm going to be happy, buck convention with this one, and feel content in my heart with a lined logbook.  But I'll likely hypocritically go back to unlined versions for my next ones...

Happy trails!


  1. I could take on a couple more carves if you needed - you could pick them all up when you come to S'toon. Just let me know...

    1. S'toon? Baaaahaha! I love it!

      Aw, thanks for the offer... I've got many a thing transferred at this point, and without getting into any spoilery details here, ya can't really help me at this point. However, I still have this fear that the offered carves from other letterboxers won't actually show up in my mailbox... if that happens, I'll let you know ;)

    2. Sounds good! (S'toon is a locally used abbreviation, I didn't make it up I promise!)

    3. Likely story. But I still chortle in your general direction.