Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wet & moldy logbooks - how to dry 'em out without taking them home

Off to Saskatoon tomorrow and I'm using a new backpack I bought as my carry on - and had to pull out those little silica packs that the manufacturer threw into it to keep the bag from being wet or moldy. I've taken to collecting these in a ziplock that I keep in my letterboxing kit. I find them frequently in new bags/purses, shoes, in those cute cardboard boxes, and I think you can actually outright buy them online.

I use them when I come across those poor waterlogged boxes that we all find.  Whether they are completely filled with water or slightly damp, there's only so much you can do during the five minute stamping in to dry them out.  I keep those little silica packs handy to put into the ziplocks or into the containers to soak up the remaining moisture and hopefully preserve the logbook. The intertubes tell me that these can soak up 40% of their weight in moisture - in a slightly damp logbook, that will make a huge difference...

Wish me a fun time in Saskatoon! So long as it doesn't snow while I'm there, it will be a success!

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