Thursday, September 20, 2012

Box ON! One week to go...

Slightly hyperventilating... Not really feeling well and may be fighting a head cold.  Over tired as well and mostly want to sleep for a solid day, cozy in my own bed.  I blame my co-workers and their disease-spreading schoolchildren.  Sigh.

Lots to do... Mostly planting... Now worried about the potential for rain. Isolated showers?  Isolated? How isolated?

Hopefully very isolated.


  1. Stop watching the weather. It'll change so much between now and then, and people will show up no matter what, especially since you've got good indoor facilities.

    I'll sterilize my own disease-spreading schoolchildren before we come, okay?


    1. I'm sure your children are not the disease spreading type, so not to worry. My coworkers' kids on the other hand... ;)