Monday, September 10, 2012

Box ON! Progress update...

T-19 days until Box ON! 2012!!
So this weekend, I made a lot of progress with prepping all the boxes for Box ON, so I'm pretty happy.  Time is a-ticking, and I've got a Saskatoon trip, as well as a Buffalo trip, between now and then.  How'd that happen? Cuz I'm a lunatic, that's how.  Anyways, here's a round up of this weekend's accomplishments:
What 43 stamps look like.
  • At this point, all of the stamp carving is done.  Done. I'm putting down the tools and there will be no more carving until after the event.
  • I've mounted all the stamps I made with the soft grey linoleum - I think about 20 of these all together.  But they are mounted and done. 
  • I've sprayed a crazy number of L&Ls for the event, still short about five.  Need to buy more boxes and spray those...
  • I've made about 10 pouches, still need another 6, ran out of duct tape, but those will be done soon.
  • I've started cutting all the fabric I'll need for the stamps.
  • The logbooks are done - all I need to finish is the logbook for the event, but I want to spend more time thinking about this because I plan to convert the event stamp into a personal traveler and want a big book.
  • I've actually assembled one of the short series, they are now ready to be planted.
Basically, I could have kept going, but I ran out of various materials I need to finish assembling everything.  Once that's done, I'm off to plant!

Incidentally, does anyone know where to get Christmas ornament hooks at this time of year?

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