Saturday, September 8, 2012

Anatomy of a letterbox

Okay, so about that letterbox I mentioned that I was putting together to take to Saskatchewan, I thought I'd take the opportunity to show you how I put together a letterbox... Although there are certainly other ways to do it - some of which might be better.  Here goes:

Okay, clockwise from the top right, here is what I have:
  • Good ol' Lock & Lock, one of the only things I use which I discuss here. Air and water proof. Very important that it be both - I haven't yet seen any other brand that actually achieves this (whether they say on the packaging that it is or not).  You'll see that this L&L is still clear; I've taken to using Krylon spray paint to paint them black before planting... However, given that this will come with me through securtiy to board an aircraft, I decided that the box would be well planted instead.
  • My little exterior box note on the lid; if you click on the image, it's large enough for you to read.  I want this little note to serve two purposes: to prevent the box from being thrown away by a well-intentioned person and to prevent over-zealous police forces from blowing up my suspected bomb. 
  • Continuing to the top of the clock, you'll see my current incarnation of the pamphlet I leave in my boxes for the curious noxer. You'll notice that the word "intriguing" is nowhere to be found...
  • Top right, a hithhiker, not one of my own, who is going to travel to a fairly unvisited province.
  • Sliding down from the top right, you'll hit my trusty Ziplock Freezer bag - more sturdy than the sandwich kind, but susceptible to theft by family members.
  • On top of the ziplock is my logbook - hastily made by covering the the covers of a standard lined pad - lots of good info is inside.
  • And last but not least, my carving wrapped up to keep it clean... I don't actually put the stamp in the Ziplock.  Paper can/will be destroyed by water; rubber will not.  One of those things I learned in grade school.
Anyways, most anyone who reads this blog knows exactly what goes into a letterbox, but for those curious visitors coming in from Google, I hope you enjoyed!

This box will now be packed on my carry on and hopefully I won't be seen as some sort of letterboxing terrorist on my flight next week.  *fingers crossed*

Happy trails!


  1. Where are you finding sandwich sized freezer bags?


    1. Just in the same section as the bigger freezer bags. They're still somewhat larger than standard sandwich bags, but thicker plastic and better zipper.