Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Event planning: packing letterbox stage complete

So further finishing up progress has been made, and with an excellent trip out for some shopping yesterday, I bought, painted, and filled the remainder of the letterboxes for the event.  To be clear: all the letterboxes are packed and ready to plant for Box ON!.  [insert heart palpitations here]  There are little towers of black Lock & Locks all over - a robber might be concerned.

Also, for those Canadian boxers out there: I went to Walmart to pick up a few more boxes and the big blue Lock & Lock box is on sale for $12.95 - for 18 pieces (9 complete boxes), usually $20. That's $1.63 per box, tax in.  It's not being advertised, they just dropped the price on the shelf. I bought two :)

Next step is to get these bad boys planted; I'm scheduled to plant not this weekend but next owing to the Saskatoon trip.  Plant 'em, clue 'em, then sleep.  There will be much sleeping.

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