Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Finding your own letterbox

So I am sitting here, at this very moment, on a bench next to Lake Ontario, listening in on the beautiful music of the lake hitting against rocks while typing this on my iPad.  If you have ever found my Gossip box in Burlington, then you know where I am.  I'm in Burlington tonight because of rehearsals for this other nerdy thing I do, but had time to kill between work and that, so I stopped into this cute little park to do a quick checkup on my box.

Well, the box was a pretty obvious find and kind of in the open if you knew what you were looking for (camo L&L), likely from squirrel movement, but otherwise in great condition.  Perfectly dry inside with lots of cute stampings from its visitor over the last year.

Given the amount of rain we've had since the tail end of the Irene storm, I was a little worried I'd find this little guy full of water or something, but its finders have been excellent guests.

Once again, I'm going to hide this a little better than I found it. But I'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has found this box for taking such good care of it... although this is not one of my favourite boxes (not to say it's not a good box to find, just that it's not exactly in my top five or anything), it makes me feel confident that my favourites are also being similarly taken care of.

Thanks everyone and happy trails!

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