Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Staycationing in Toronto

Next week, I have the week off for a much-needed staycation.  While it might have been nice to head right out of the country, I'm trying to save my scheckles for grander things.  And since I'm living in Toronto now and it's finally spring, I've decided to take a week to relax and get out to see and do all those things I've always wanted to do but never gotten around to doing. Some in Toronto, some in the beyond.  And lots of letterboxing, of course.

So here's the big list of places I'm planning to go, in no particular order for all you stalkers out there:
  • Out of town for letterboxing (Kingston? Kitchener? Only places with a K?)
  • Toronto Islands
  • Riverdale Farm
  • Evergreen Brickworks
  • Out for a movie night with the girls
  • Spadina Museum (would see Casa Loma too but it's not open yet, wtf)
  • Mackenzie House
  • Todmorden Mills
  • Take the streetcar to the High Park loop (always wanted to do this... I love the streetcar)
  • Start my culinary class (gulp)
  • City of Craft festival
  • High Tea at the Royal York
  • Big concert at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre (you can come see me!)
Phew. Lots to do.  And there will be letterboxing finding and planting in there, and some blogging to round it all out.

I love plotting.  And half the fun of vacationing is the plotting.  Fun times, ahoy!


  1. Let's hope we're not buried in three inches of ice pellets. Sheesh.

    Go on a tour of the Elgin/Winter Garden theatres. It's the best $12 you can spend in Toronto, and I think it's as good as the Guild Inn.

    I've done the tour 11 times in 25 years. I take all my out of town guests.


    1. Hmmm... And how does one get on a tour of the theatres?

  2. Just show up, Thursday at 5:00 or Saturday at 11:00 am.