Sunday, June 4, 2017

Hoarding PZ Kut *or* why I owe Fish Below the Ice and apology...

So it has been a while since my last post about Box ON.  But I have a terrible secret... and guilt.

As a result of a very generous gift from Fish Below the Ice, I am in possession of the following: 

If you're new to letterboxing or stamp carving (ie. post-2010?) you won't have any idea what is in that photo.  Maybe even if you are a long term boxer, you won't have seen this in a while... that right there is both white and orange PZ Kut.

I don't know all the lore of the PZ Kut, but from what I have gleaned over the years, it was a pretty devastating blow to the stamp carving community when it was discontinued.  I started boxing and carving *just* after the two formulas disappeared...

The reasons for its discontinuance also seem somewhat a mystery to me: I think I understand that there was a component of the formulation (unicorn blood?) that is no longer allowed to be used....

In any event, I've been gifted with this amazing stash that I morally should put this to good use - I should not squander the opportunity.  But I am in complete mental deadlock.  Part of my concern is that I might like it - but then never have it again!  Opposite concern: that I really *won't* like it, and have taken the opportunity to carve it away from someone who does (or face a lynch-mob of people who disagree with me).

Here are the options:
  • Carve both the white and orange to contribute to the carving material comparison reviews (I believe Fish implied that's what they're for).
  • Regift (I think Fiddleheads would bear me a child for this stuff)
  • Carve both as contribution carves for this year's Box ON
  • Continue to hoard them until I have better information...

So.  Thoughts?  Advice please!


  1. I vote for 1 and 3.

    1. 1 & 3? But how to a know you are who you imply you are? You could be an impostor!


  2. Tough choice. I feel I'm still too new at this to even have an opinion, but here it is anyway. please carve! I will probably never get a chance to carve PZ, and what I hope is that you will carve and conclude "yeah it's a great as they all say, but not really all that different than [fill in some carving material that is still available]". I don;t think anyone will be in a better position to do that then you are, having gone through all these materials. If you conclude that it is in fact leagues beyond anything available, well that's already the assumption for us who have never been privileged to carve it, so no harm confirming what we already suspect.
    - Bon Echo, not an imposter but also not a blogger