Thursday, April 18, 2013

The carving continues...

So, it's 9:30 am on the sixth day of my staycation and already today I've carved two stamps. Time to put the tools down.  I've got a lot of outdoor things planned today, but it looks like I won't get a lot of the things that I had previously wanted to do on my list done this week.  Doesn't matter though, I've managed to do a lot as well as catch up on sleep and importantly be flexible in deciding what I want to do each day.

There is something satisfying about finishing a carve.  I tend to choose images though that end up taking a long time to carve - either because of the details, inclusion of text, or size - and I forget how satisfying it is to just churn out a stamp in a few hours.

This is one that I finished today:

Just ignore the poor transfer there...

Fourteen words in total on the image, as well as design parts that aren't text.  Took longer than anticipated (usually does) so I had to set it aside a few times in order to get it done.  But it is done and I carved another today.  Awesome.

Behind on book binding though, hmmm...

Hope everyone is enjoying the crazy April weather!


  1. didn't know you were into advertising too. . .

  2. You've got half an hour to get yourself downtown to the Elgin/Winter Garden!

    1. Sorry, FH, I'm not going to be making it out there - although it was high on the list. I'm just getting ready to leave for my first culinary class at George Brown instead! Don't worry, I'll definitely be going for the tour soon, though ;)