Sunday, April 7, 2013

A weekend full of carving and sewing

 Okay, so I might be a hermit.  A reclusive hermit.  And I may not have spoken to anyone this weekend.  Other than my assistant.  Jeez.

So no letterboxing, per se, but lots of prep for planting.  I did some fairly extensive scouting, sewed seven logbooks, and carved five stamps.  Phew.

I don't have much to share (surprises and all), but I'll leave you with some fun pictures of what I've been up to.


Big stack of logbooks to add to another big stack.  These are all sized for the smallest rectangular-shaped L&L.

The only thing better than a llama is...

A hipster llama!


  1. Hipster llama? Maybe he needs some Unpretentiousil:

    I made logbooks today, too. No sewing, but lots of folding.

    And some varnishing.

    1. Too funny!

      I'm intrigued though: what kind of logbook involves only folding and varnishing. Hmmm...

  2. hipster llama!! i was making sheep from a shop! interesting how we were doing the quadrupeds this weekend.