Sunday, August 30, 2015


Inconceivable little library

So, with slight delay, I post here about last weekend's letterboxing trip to Kitchener to join StarHexen's mini event.

Two other casual letterboxers and I headed up to Kitchener after work on the Friday to make an appearance at a little library where there was allegedly a letterbox planted.  Kitchener must have the highest per capita rate of mini libraries (which is something to be proud of). This particular library, however, is unique with a green roof (amazing) and decked out with a Princess Bride motif.  And, of course, it joins the ranks of letterbox-containing-mini-libraries.

It was great having a little visit with StarHexen, but the ladies and I only had a couple hours before dark and so we stamped in (fantastic stamp) and headed on our way...

We then headed over to the nearby cemetery where I had found a number of letterboxes before.  The sun was quickly going down, putting the cemetery in twilight which was quite beautiful.

Unfortunately, once we came upon the box we were searching for, it was quickly apparent that my namesake insect had created a ground nest right in front of the hiding spot.  Yikes.  A quick stamp in for everyone, a delicate re-hide procedure, and we were on our way out of the cemetery.

It was a beautiful trip and although we didn't find any other boxes (one was a little too tricky and then it was too dark to continue) the day was great for getting back in the letterboxing spirit of things.

Eek, the summer is almost over.  I did manage to get out letterboxing and go to a mini event though so  I'm not hopeless.  I'm also planning to attend Box ON with a fellow letterboxer and even sent a stamp in for the event.

Hope to see you there!

Happy trails!

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