Sunday, August 16, 2015

It finally happened *or* a letterboxer's view on ink pad packaging

It finally happened: I had to throw out ink pads.  Ones I bought over five years ago.  It's crazy.

In reviewing my ink stash (which have been tragically underused over the past year or so) I came to find three (3) of my ColorBox petal point kits had gone dry, along with a number of other individual stamp pads.  I'm a bit of a craft supply hoarder, so it was nice to have a good reason to toss those.

The petal point packaging in particular was difficult to use, particularly on the trail.  Too many pieces, weird size.  10/10 would not recommend.  I do like pigment ink for certain things though... Their individual stamp pads have this unfortunate habit of popping their tops off in my trail pack. {The insides of my one bag are a lovely teal because of this...} I don't even buy those any more.  My long skinny ColorBox with the full range of colours sometimes joins me, but it is also super messy to use.

On the other hand, my StazOn and other Tsukeniko inks are doing really well.  Still quite juicy.  The black is the only one I've needed a reinker for - and the packaging stays nice and tightly shut in my bag on the trail.  I'm going to stick with those in the future, I think...

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