Monday, October 7, 2013

We Live & Breathe XV – a who’s who of licence plates

One of the things I like about driving in the US is seeing all the different licence plates while driving down the road.  The states are so small that you inevitably see a large variety of plates.  On the other hand, Ontario is big.  Really big. Almost two times larger than Texas.  Go big or go home. So driving around here you rarely see other plates, and certainly few other provinces in your travels.
Fiddleheads and I stayed in the Adult Centre at L&B and had to walk through one of the big parking areas every time we went in and out of the building.  Now there was a crazy parking lot to see. Plates from far and wide.  

Interesting note: meeting people at L&B, many commented on “how far we’d come” for the event.  As in, “ooo, you’re from Canada, you came far!”.  Now, while we indeed took two leisurely days to get to the event, in reality, we could have made it there in 8 hours.  People from Michigan came farther. Those nutters who drove from California came farther.  Pretty much anyone who flew came farther.  Yes, we crossed a border, but it’s not that far.  Really.

For posterity, here are some of those plates (most blurred to protect the innocent):

So who came first?  New York...

... or Massachusetts?

I'm glad to finally find someone willing to take a position on things...

That's dedication.

BTW: Ontario's motto, which is covered here, is "Yours to Discover".  True words.

Never saw anyone getting in or out of this, but I love it.

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