Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The dangers of transferring too soon *or* I have letterboxer's ADD

Despite the warm weather, it is currently snowing like this outside my window. Grr!
The quickest part of putting a letterbox together for me is transferring the image.  It can take many hours finding or creating the image I want to use, and perhaps twice as long still to carve, but transferring the image is actually just seconds - print, xylene, done.

But to efficient, I often print one page with many images on it so that I have them available and so I'm not wasting paper.  And in the past I've often transferred the images as well.  This is a problem. Because I have letterboxing ADD.

I have a small stack of transferred images that I've now resigned myself will never be carved.  Unless I can scrub the images off (mixed success), the rubber has gone to waste.  When I first printed and transferred the image, I really wanted to create whatever that image was.  The problem is that over time, for whatever reason, I grow bored of whatever that idea was and it goes to the wayside.  Sad really.

I look at that small stack and see it as a sort of Island of Lost Toys.  They'll never be loved.

And so my resolution for 2013 was this: do not transfer unless I am immediately starting to carve that image.  I can print them out to my heart's desire, but no transferring until I'm ready to carve. It is a rare stamp that starts getting carved but not finished (I can only actually think of one).

Poor little stamps.

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