Friday, March 15, 2013

Lucky Lunchtime Letterbox

Yesterday, I had an unexpected break at work over lunch and given the gorgeous blue skies I knew I had to get out of the office.   And so I nabbed a letterbox on my lunch break - what luck!

The moons of Jupiter pretty much have to align in order for this type of thing to happen:
-there has to be a letterbox planted close enough to find
-there has to be sufficiently good weather to risk trails in my work clothes
-I have to have a solved clue that has a trail short enough to get there and back in my lunch break
-I have to have letterboxing gear with me

As I said, luck was on my side and even after a long time since the last finder and, ya know, winter, I had a successful find.

The clue in question was for three.trail.mice's Twin Tree Letterbox.  It's clue lists it fairly close to my office.  I didn't have a printed clue, but I did have my iPhone and two letterboxing apps, so good to go.  The weather was perfect and I did have some boots to wear... and I had my "emergency" letterboxing kit with me in my glove box.  It was on.

Clue in hand... er, in phone, I made off! Luckily, I was semi-familiar with the trail as this was the same one as my very first letterbox.  What nostalgia.

The clue was clear and concise, and though I got more mud on my pant leg that I would have liked, I found the box.  Nice and clean and dry, hand-carved stamp from a junior trail mouse, and hand-made logbook.  What more can you ask for really?

Covered up better than I found it and then made my way back to the office.  This would be a lovely lunchtime pasttime, except now the nearest letterbox is a 45 minute drive away, 1.5 hour round trip.  Don't think that would work for a lunch break.  Oh well.

Happy trails!

Spring is definitely coming...

The letterbox! You can tell what a nice day it was by how strong that shadow is - the sun was really shining!


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