Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Listmakers Anon

Did you know that I have a list? A big master list of all the letterboxes that are planned - and have a location? Right now, I have 48 letterboxes that have an idea, image, and location in the works.  Some are only in the ether at the moment, others have the images transferred, some are mid-carve, others are sitting on my coffee table at home waiting to be planted (right now, that coffee table list sits at seven - waiting a good day to plant!).

Moving again got my creative juices going again big time.  I'm also really busy at work, which somehow also gives me great ideas.  Don't ask me how that works.  But many a sticky note come home with me from work with new ideas on it.

I also have a dropbox folder that has about ~500 images that I've dropped there that all fall within the "I want to carve that someday" file.  I don't really count those as in the process, really it's just an easy way to pull images to keep on hand.  Although, admittedly, lately I've been generating more and more of my own images - whether because of text, or because I've been doing a lot more image manipulation that's given me more control over the images I produce.

Anyways, I've got a lot percolating at the moment, but that carve I'm doing for L&B is bottlenecking the process (although, I seem to also be behind on logbooks).  I timed it last night: I'm averaging five words per hour on the L&B carve.  The image has a lot of teensy text.  I just want it to be done - serves me right for picking text.

I've really been enjoying the mild weather - hoping it keeps up and we have a warm March.  My MeetUp is in a few weeks and it would be nice to have it outside... I've been working on a mini-getting-started-letterboxing-booklet for the event, still being written... I digress... I'm off!

Happy trails!

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