Friday, October 4, 2013

They call me Gypsy Jo…

Things are falling into place and I will be moving back to Burlington at the end of November! My purchase is firm and I've got my very first mortgage! Whee!!  Packing again!  For those keeping track at home, this is my sixth move since starting letterboxing mid-2010, and my seventh move since the start of 2010.

Yay, moving again!
Interesting fact: nothing I own is important enough to me to have moved it this many times, other than my cat.  Sigh.

More posts are coming, I swear... Grumble, grumble.


  1. Congratulations on your burden of debt!

    Looking forward to having you closer.


    1. Another interesting fact for my Latin-teaching friend: the first word I ever remember a teacher telling me came from Latin was "mortgage". I've never forgotten how she wrote "death lock" on the board and it was racing through my brain as I signed docs with the bank...