Tuesday, September 24, 2013

On the move, yet again

Do you feel it? In the air?  That crisp, magical scent that comes out in autumn?  If you close your eyes, just as the sun begins to set, you can smell it.  I love the fall.  We are slowly coming to the end of another cycle – the leaves are beginning to chance, the year will be coming to a close, and Box ON! is just around the corner…
Sorry it has been quiet on the blog-front.  It was due to the work-front, but now due to the home-front as well.  It looks like I will be moving in a couple months.  If you know me at all, you know that I move – a lot. Well, the good news this time is that I’m moving into a place that I will actually own (finally) and back to a great location for letterboxing – Burlington, Ontario.  I now have firm intentions to stay put in this place and sink my roots in.
Some other thoughts…
I’m delinquent in a post (or two) about the wonders of We Live & Breathe XV.  It was a fantastic event – and but for this event I would have had a very poor year for letterboxing.
If there is any interest, I may hold a winter mini-meet at my new place to sit, visit, and carve – obviously, this would be in Burlington, a little easier to get to for most.  Email me if you’re interested.

I have two months left in Toronto.  I’ve had a lot of intentions in terms of boxes I had wanted to plant or find that I haven’t been able to accomplish.  At this point, my only letterboxing goal to hopefully complete is to finally get to a half-carved book series that was intended to be planted for PAL back in May.  Whoops.  I had wanted to create logbooks for them all, which was what was slowing things down.  I think I’ll just finish carving and make it a complete magnet-only series…


  1. Ooooo, you're buying property. A major milestone and commitment. That means you'll likely be there for a couple of years. Congrats on moving back to Burlington. Excellent place for letterboxing adventures with all those scenic hikes and waterfalls nearby. AND you'll be closer to me. It'll be easier for me to get to your letterboxes. Woo hoo!

    1. I *better* be there for a couple years. All this moving is killing me. I've been letterboxing for 3.5 years - I'll have lived in 6 places. Sheesh.

      Don't forget: it'll be easier for me to get to *your* boxes as well!

  2. I am all for this.... Congrats, you set a goal and you achieved it.... I will give you a thumbs up on Saturday... By the way, not sure if you noticed but your letterboxing cliche is growing and it is making me laugh.. love it