Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The wheels are turning...

Oh, plotting is delightful.  I love strategising and coming up with cool ideas.  That's the best part of planting letterboxes for me - it's almost like throwing a surprise party or giving someone an awesome present.  Brings a smile to my face and makes my super happy even though I am not technically the beneficiary of the gift.

Ooooh, I have some fiendishly fun boxes on the way people! Most are in the works - unfortunately the snow is interfering with planting... gah.

To my favourite few who regularly read this blog and any others who cross its path: anything in particular you like to see in a box as a first finder? Anything you like that would make it extra-special?


  1. My favorite letterboxes are the mysteries. Not just codes, those are fun, but I like to have to figure something out and then go see if I'm right. As for what makes a box extra special for a First Finder, I have started making my logbooks with a special "first finder" page for the FF to stamp on. It's decorated around the border to make it special. And sometimes I leave an LTC of the stamp for the FF to take, if I've done one.

    1. Hi Amy! I love mysteries, too - but I'm the first to get overly frustrated and snippy about it. Having said that, there was a Fish Below the Ice box in my hometown that I spent a couple years puzzling over and eventually solved it myself. It was a great feeling :)

    2. Agree with Amy - the clues that require some independent research and then thinking through a puzzle are the best. So satisfying to solve. Am currently working on your radio box. Hope it's still there once I figure out the clue.
      Moira from Girl guides

  2. I'm with you Bumble about mysteries.

    I like them if I can solve them. :)

    As a first finder I like hitchhikers and LTC cards. Hitchhikers used to be #1 for me but now I'd say I'd prefer an LTC as a keepsake for my logbook. But neither are expected.