Thursday, February 28, 2013

Carving for friends *or* carving up some nekkid Romans

Today, I finished up a second attempt at a present for a long time friend whose birthday is this weekend.

I had decided to give her a stamp to make book plates, and since she has a background specialty in gay roman porn (she may characterize this differently, but essentially true) I go one of her favourite images out of her and carved away.

Now, unfortunately, the image she picked didn't exactly lend itself to a carve - it's this image, from the ruins at Pompeii:

Kinda hard to get lines or whatever out of that one.  But I gave it a good ol' college try, but it didn't really come to anything grand.  Big ol' mess, actually.

So, I took it upon myself to find some other picture that would work a bit better.

 Too funny.  I love the guy on the left with his hand in the air, like "hey, it's my turn!".  Or the guy towards the right punching the other guy in the butt.

Ah, much better design... time to carve this bad boy up (see what I did there?)...

Done and done.  But still not as interesting as a medusa with penis hair...  But SHHHH! Don't tell her, it's a surprise.

Happy carving!


  1. You want one, honey? I got one for ya... just send me your new address...


  2. Oh, and I think I need to meet your friend...


    1. Why? Are you into gay roman porn too? Clearly, I'm behind the times...

  3. How many hours in university did I spend looking at nekked Olympic heroes on black figure vases? I can parse ancient Greek gay art as well as the next geeky classicist...