Sunday, February 10, 2013

Spoiler: carve for L&B XV

With all the snow I've got this weekend, I finally got around to start carving the two stamps that I'm donating for the Live & Breathe event this fall.  I transferred them awhile ago, but they were just waiting for me to actually start. 

One is "Carving up a Storm" and the other is for James Perrott.  Carving up a Storm is a pretty simple carve, but I wanted to do something really nice that will make a nice replant once it comes back home.

But there was a mistake on it.  A big one.  Oops.

Did I notice it when I made the collage for the image? Nope.

Did I notice it when I printed it out? Nope.

Did I notice it three days later when I got around to transferring the image? No.

Did I notice in the last week while it's been sitting on the coffee table? No.

Did I notice when I started carving today? No.

Did I notice after carving teensy lettering for 20 minutes?


Do you notice it?

So, luckily I transferred this with an iron rather than xylene, because that means I could give it another transfer - just a light ghost of a transfer, really - on the one offending spot, just to give me some guidelines to follow.

 Will it work?

Yes, mostly.  Phew. 

Lots of text on this thing - hope there are no more mistakes!



  1. I thin you should do a post about how to carve letters.... because girl... I suck! And looking at how small those letters are I would die....

    1. I'm not great at letters, I just keep torturing myself by forcing myself to do them. This stamp is just over half the size of the Mystery Markham stamp - but I suspect this one will take me way longer. If there's one thing I can say about lettering is that it's SLOW.

  2. ok, mine for L&B is a "simple carve"; yours is a masterpiece.

    1. Thanks, tiggermama! I certainly don't think this will be my masterpiece, although I try to keep choosing carves that are more difficult each time. It's all relative - though I have a hard time believing that yours will be a simple carve ;)