Sunday, August 11, 2013

The perfect present?

A constant wonder I have is the question of how to spread the word of letterboxing in a responsible way.  I was browsing through my copy of the Letterboxer's Companion the other day and, though none of the material was new information to me, thought that it was quite a perfect book to give to a non-boxer.  Right price, right content, perfect presentation of the topic.  That, coupled with perhaps a "starter set" of the things one might need to get going with letterboxing... the perfect gift?  

Letterboxing is somewhat of a complex activity - at least in explanation - so I find myself stumbling over explaining it to friends or family. And, in fairness to my lack of ability to persuade, I usually come off like a wing-nut because I'm all over the place.  But to give someone the info and materials they need...

All year is birthday season, and at the end of the year, Christmas.  Perfect gift for a mother/father, or for the right kind of adult...

(I see, however, that the new edition of Letterboxer's Companion is sold out at Amazon and at Chapters.  Wut?)

Food for thought...

Happy trails!

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  1. That's how one of the KW boxers was brought into the fold. It works, with the right target.