Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Planning ahead for We Live & Breathe XV

We're just a little over two weeks away from We Live & Breathe XV - the fifteenth year of letterboxing post-Smithsonian in North America.  I'll be heading down the day before the event starts, staying in Boston for a few days after, and my head is a whirl of thoughts, lists, and questions as I start to get ready.

Travelling while letterboxing on the way has become one of my favourite things.  It couldn't be cheaper - so long as I bring my gear it's free - and by their very nature, letterboxes are usually planted in awesome places to visit.

One of my favourite days of letterboxing was in Charleston, South Carolina.  I was down in the area on a trip with my band and we were given the option of a day trip into Charleston.  I hadn't been feeling well and decided to spend the day alone, letterboxing.  I had an amazing day! I saw pretty much the whole area, went on a couple architectural tours (I love American heritage preservation practices, btw), and nabbed a number of letterboxes along the way.  When I met back up with the bus, others had spent a lot of money and didn't see much and grumbling about how little time they had.  Needless to say, I was pretty happy on my home.

So, I'm looking forward to both the event and some letterboxing in Boston afterwards.  I've been to Boston before so I'm not looking to "see the sights" as I've pretty much done that.  Also, Boston reminds me a lot of Toronto - both great cities, but there's not much left that I feel I need to see.  So letterboxes and shopping (gotta make use of that duty-free allowance and get some fall clothes while I have the chance!).

I've started going through the clues of boxes that appear to be close to where I'm staying.  I figure I have to determine what sights I want to see, where I want to shop, and what boxes are in those areas...  Once I figure that out, clue printin' time!

Hope everyone will be joining in Groton at the end of the month!

Happy trails!

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  1. I'll be there, and looking forward to doing an exchange with you! It'll be fun to meet you in person!