Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mad Science: the Colorbox/Stazon rematch!

The pirate (ARRR!) stamp
This post could be a little spoilery, but this stamp is headed for the Caribbean.  Anyways, I finished up this great pirate stamp (ARRR!) to take with me for planting later this month, was disappointed with the impression I made in my own logbook - but not with the paper I was test stamping with.  What's up with that.

And so, I decided it was time for another Colorbox/Stazon battle!  ARRRR!

 FYI: you can see the full size image of any of the pictures on this page will by clicking on them.

Okay, first up: ColorBox on sketchpad papARRRR, the same kind of paper that is in my logbook.  Not great - not every good at all actually...

Next, StazON on the same sketch paper - bettARRR than ColorBox, but not that great either.

Okay, so next, I wanted to tARRRy some glossy paper.  Here I stamped on kids' fingerpainting paper with ColorBox.  Meh.

And now, with StazOn - much better...

But what about regulARRR ol' copy paper?

Worst in show: ColorBox on copy paper... Yuck.

Best in show: StazOn on copy paper... Hooray!

But I was told that the colARRRs worked differently than the black and that I might get different results... So, colour time!

ARRR you ready?  The colours here are all on the copy paper - and all generally came out really well.  In defence of the ColorBox red, I actually had a really dry pad, so that's probably why it's so light, rather than the ink.  Also, despite cleaning the stamp really well between inkings, the StazOn red managed to dissolve the black right off the stamp which you can sort of see in the transfer.

Conclusion?  Well, since black is usually my go-to colour on the trail, I'll only really be lugging around my StazOn.  Also: I really think I need to rethink the sketchbook logbook - maybe I'm losing out on some great stampings due to the paper in it... Hmmm...

Off to Boneyard Boxing today.... ARRRRRRRR!!!

Happy trails!


  1. Is that a xylene transfer on NZ? A an-image- killing combination.

    If you can get the transfer pigment off the stamp, you'll get a better impression no matter what ink you use. I do it with my wintergreen transfers - huge difference.

    But I know how you feel about wintergreen oil.


  2. I think wintergreen oil works fine - my stomach thinks it works great to bring up my stomach contents... that doesn't mean it doesn't make a fine transfer ;)

    Actually, that one was heat transfer to NZ. Does the pigment from the transfer remaining really make that much of a difference? Hmm...