Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Summer of San Diego

I have tragically been unable to do a lot of boxing so far this summer due to some work and personal life stuff that is dominating my time.  I love all the updates I'm getting from folks finding my boxes, and I'm living my boxing life vicariously through them...

I did, however, get to do another trek down to San Diego for the International Comic Con.  Loved it.  San Diego is a fantastic town and I love going back there from time to time to soak it in.  I love the feel of the whole place... And the 'Con is always a riot - my true inner geek comes out in full force and I'm surrounded by kindred spirits everywhere I turn.

And this year, this year I saw... Sir Patrick Stewart.  *squeeee!*  What an honour.  He is a gentleman of the highest order and I would have given my eye teeth to give him a hug.

He went where no Sir Patrick Stewart had gone before... San Diego Comic Con!
But, this is also the first time that I have gone down where I have also been a letterboxer.  I didn't get to do a lot of boxing due to my other *ahem* nerdy activities, but I did manage to both find and plant a box.

I ended up finding Dancing for the Jumbo-tron which was conveniently located between my accommodations and the convention centre. It was a cute box and I love traveling to other places and seeing new and different sig stamps from letterboxers from another area...

Later, I planted Get Your Geek On in honour of the 'Con and thus far it hasn't been found.  Seriously people, I see an untapped market in the overlap between the Comic-Con nerds and letterboxing geeks.  Just sayin'...

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