Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Third letterboxing day of the long weekend: Orangeville & Caledon

The New Credit River

I am tired. Pooped. Wacked.  In need of a bed. All said and done, 18 letterboxes, one bonus box, and two hitchhikers.  I think the best part of the three days of letterboxing was that I did quite a bit of plotting for BoxON!.  Clues (and many carves) are still in the highly theoretical stage, but all this letterboxing has got my creative juices flowing!

Anyways, unlike yesterday, today's weather was perfect for letterboxing.  It was just gorgeous and almost no humidity.  I like.  First, I got out to make a quick stop to get Fokker Dr I, planted by Fiddleheads but carved by Kirbert.  An older of Kirbert's carves and nice to see how he's developed as a carver since 2007.

I then hit up Lone R's My Sister's Viewpoint.  My spidey-senses were tingling as I found this box and sure enough there had been a geocacher there just before me who had logged in...

The windfarm at the Motorcycle Harley Davidson letterbox

Next, out to get up close and personal with a windmill for the Motorcycle Harley Davidson letterbox by whaletail.  I know there are a lot of people who dislike windmills because they flicker and make noise, but being that close to one... Cars driving past me made way more noise than this thing. I don't get it.

Favourite letterbox of the day: Hockley Valley HH Chalet
 I headed over to the Hockley Valley conservation area to find the Hockley Valley HH Chalet by Trailfeathers.  What a find! Everything I like about a letterbox: very rich history - I got to see Lone R's 2007 signature stamp (which I have delightful pictures of) and see how letterboxing has developed in this area over time.  Fantastic box!

How not to hide a letterbox

I headed in to see about snagging one of the Celtic Animals Series letterboxes - I didn't have the time nor footwear nor company to be doing a 5km hike alone to do all three.  But I'm glad I stopped in as the first box was found as you see in the picture above.  I suspect a critter pulled that tree apart, exposing the box, so I covered it with some rocks to protect it for the next finder.  C'mon, the racoons just want to letterbox, too!

Nuisance beaver [snicker]
Some clues just baffle me.  For whatever reason, my brain just isn't wired to understand them.  The Ontario Wildflowers Series is one of those clues.  I just can't make it jive with my surroundings.  Found the first box by mistake and its spot didn't correlate with any of my reading of the clues.  Did some serious hiking up and down some hills searching for the other boxes with no luck.  Another time and perhaps with a boxing buddy I'll have better luck.

What is a day letterboxing in Ontario if you don't see the Bruce?
I finished up by seeking out Fiddlehead's Chevrolet Corvette C6, carved by Kirbert.  On the Bruce and beside the New Credit River, a delightful location.  And because I like to torture myself, I climbed the Bruce up the escarpment.  Twice. Thought I was going to die.

So, finished for the day, I headed down to my car and stopped in at the river instead to give my tootsies a rest in some cold water.  And maybe balanced some stones.

I did this.  I can understand why it's addictive.
Exhausted and looking forward to work tomorrow for the rest.

Happy trails!


  1. The Hockley Valley series is among my favourites. Love it.

    I haven't got the last two wildflowers, either. We'll have to make a trip of it some time.


    1. I'm always up for some letterboxing :)