Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Box ON! 2012: come letterbox in Milne Park, Markham, Ontario

So although I had for some time been registered for the evening portion of this year's Box ON! Mystery Markham event (the Markham Village Community Centre), I have been nevertheless fretting over a suitable location for the actual letterboxing portion of the event.  Silly me, I didn't take into account the fact that Markham has almost no trails... oops. 

I had been thinking about a number of different scenarios to remedy this, from having the 'boxing portion of the event up north in the York Regional Forest Tracts (technically Stouffville) or down in the Rouge Park (technically Toronto).

But, there was always Milne Park, which is, you know, actually in Markham, that had stuck out.  I had... er... cased?... the place a while ago, looking for letterbox planting opportunities, but based on the type of clue I had wanted to use, had generally ruled it out.

I headed back down there to do some exploring of some of the areas that I had never been in before.  Suddenly, the place was alive with opportunities.  We've so got venue for the full day, people!

If you want to see one of the views in the park, see below which you can click on to make a huge panorama.  Keep in mind that this is technically an urban park; Hwy 407 is just south of this view, and huge sprawling subdivision is behind.  Kinda crazy, eh?

Milne Park, Markham, Ontario, Canada
Also, three more stamps for the event were carved today... Good times are ahead!

Happy trails!


  1. Love this park, and it's great in the fall. Perfect!


    1. Now I know I'm fine; I have Fiddleheads' buy-in. :D