Friday, April 12, 2013

Public service announcement: ziplocks go *inside* the lock & locks...

This past week, since I was in the immediate area I went and checked up on my first letterbox, Letterbox Near a Postbox.  It was there and in great condition - logbook almost full, need to add another - except for the fact that the lock & lock was inside the ziplock.  

I've never seen this in real life; I sorta thought it was a letterboxing urban myth that people did this.  I mean, how does it make any sense? Why would anyone do it?  And here it was on one of my own boxes.  The poor ziplock, hidden under a large flat rock, was full of dirt and holes.  Whaaaa?

If you're new to this letterboxing and just reading this - or if you're old hat and still didn't know - this is not appropriate letterboxing behaviour!  The bags go inside the box.

Think of it this way: the box is the best container - hard and airtight - it's the first line of defence against water.  The ziplock is only there as a secondary backup to protect against possible drips inside the box but it is highly fallible because it's so easy to puncture or not seal properly.  They go inside to protect the logbook (and not the stamp, but that's a ranting blog post for another day...).

This box is now commando.  I didn't have another ziplock with me, but I'm happy to let it go bare for a little while.

*slowly shakes head*

Happy trails!


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    1. Listen, you! Don't *make* me come down there!

  2.'s kind of like "underpants go under the pants" :)

  3. I'm not sure who just made the underpants analogy, but that belongs in the wikihelp on AQ. Brilliant.


    1. 'Twas me...Sillychick

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