Monday, April 8, 2013

Letterboxing in Kitchener, Ontario

A little while ago, I was able to get out to Kitchener to do some letterboxing as well as to visit Ms. Viking and Starhexen.  So without further ado, here are my adventures!

My trip started with a stop in for Mmmtika's Holidays Start at Midnight for a quick find and a lovely chat with the police. A police cruiser pulled up and asked me what I was doing as I was walking back to my car. I explained that I was letterboxing and showed him the container and he said, "oh, I know what that is!" and then drove away. Huh.

Then off to find Flower Power - Sunflower.  Not sure why this particular stamp was planted in a place where there are no flowers in the summer, but it didn't matter because I was taken to one of my favourite things to see on the trail: a historic bridge.  This particular one is an old stone one which has basically degraded on the top - I'd hate to have to cross it - but nonetheless a sight I was happy to start my day seeing.  

Look at that gorgeous old stone bridge! And the water was rushing like mad.
Next I was off to Art Deco Time which was planted by Angel Treads but owned by mudflingingfools.  Couldn't really understand the clue while I was there, but I was really looking forward to finding this one so I basically brute-forced it until I found what I was looking for.  Fantastic history to this stamp and logbook, I wish we had more of these boxes - planted after travelling.

I then headed off into a forest which was still full of snow (hence why I don't live in KW) and went for a look-see for some Viking boxes.  I managed to find Sorry kid... there's no Santa Claus! (and apparently shame Viking into changing the box name...) but not one of the forest celebs that I'm sure is hiding in there... For next time! Incidentally, this was my 400th find.  Huh.

I next went out to the Huron Natural Area that had a number of boxes by different planters.  This is the kind of thing I like: a big park, lots of trails, and a number of boxes all planted by different planters.  I added to the lot while I was there, that clue will be posted in due course...

I first found Cecil Won the Race.  I nice hide by mmmtika, however I was nearly eaten by a fangarian snare-beast hiding in this box.  You know.  A big spider.  An awake spider.  An awake angry spider.  At this time of year, when there is still snow completely covering the ground, I do not expect to see a spider that big and that awake guarding a letterbox.  I just don't.  So I shrieked like a little ninny when it launched itself at me.
I know it doesn't look that big here, but believe me, it was huge. Having said that, how many spiders do you see in this pic?

I then continued on before I could go after the A Walk on the Forest Trail boxes.  This park was packed - lots of people out to see the world now that the sun was out and there were good temperatures.  So it was difficult getting this panoramic shot of the turtle look-out:

Click the picture to see full size.
 Great park - can't wait to go back in the summer!  I ended with a quick find of peek-a-boo - another snare-beast location, but I was on the look out this time and no attacks despite the occupants.  Shudder.
What a cute little fatty!
Leaving the park, I found a few more boxes while tooling around town - Ahsoka Tano (where I saw a gorgeous fat caterpillar), a couple more of Water Lily's Mennonite boxes, Sticky Take-Off (I love Gary Larson) and Think About It. There were a couple boxes that I looked for but couldn't find, though.  One that I was looking forward to was an old box by the Landmark Leapsters that started at a beautiful gazebo and ended in the cutest little neighbourhood parkette.  However, the tree that the box should have been hidden in was half-missing.  It look like lightning struck it or something. No box to be found.

I ended the outgoing part of the trip at a local gorgeous cemetery to find This Chick's An Angel.  Wonderful cemetery - I wish there were more cemetery boxes in KW...

As I said, I ended the day with a visit with Vivian the Viking and Starhexen - drinks and food were in order, and a nice urban find that I didn't actually do any of the finding for.  It's nice when you don't even have to convince the planter to retrieve their own box for you.  Heh.

Anyways, hope everyone is starting to get out for their own letterboxing!  There are some great letterboxes out Kitchener-way so hop on it!

Happy trails!


  1. Wonderful overview of all the local boxes you found Bumble! More to add to my list ;)
    I have to get over to Guelph is a boxing bonanza over there!


    1. Yes, or come down to Toronto for a visit to High Park! :)

  2. We will! Ran out of time our last trip to the big smoke.