Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Desconstructing the Devil's Advocate, Part III: Alien Rights

Warning! Spoilers ahead...

So, at this point, a finder would likely have the first half of a GPS coord to find the final Devil's Advocate letterbox.  The second half would have to be on the stamp for this box...  But how to do it?

One of my favourite legal cases is one decided by Justice Epstein and related to a guy who was suing everyone he could on the basis that they were part of a massive conspiracy to prevent him from providing he is a Martian.  This is a real decision. The judge dismissed the case in part because, if Mr. Joly were to be believed in his action of his assertion that he was an alien, then on its face the action could not proceed because only a person as defined by Canadian law could bring an action.  [Okay, this may not be amusing to you, but it is to lawyers...]

I decided to use that as the basis for this box and stamp, having a little Martian picketing at the courthouse.
Alien Rights stamp

The carve itself I drew - c'mon, isn't that a fantastic alien?  But I decided to make the half GPS coord a little trickier: this alien's border was a binary cipher of that coord: OOIIOIIIOOIIIOOIOOIOIIIOOOIIOIOOOOIIOIIO.  Yep.  Throw that into any online binary generator and you get: 79.46. The other half of the coord.

If you put them into Google Maps you would get a point somewhere in High Park right here. It's a purposefully vague set of coords, and takes you to an intersection in a path... interesting.

But with the stamp created, and hidden in Hart House (hey, a favourite place of mine), I made a more straight forward clue.

I just couldn't find a great location for Alien Rights, but wanted it near a courthouse.  The College Park Courthouse is in a great spot downtown, and I figured in plain sight under a telephone would be perfect.  A little too plain sight; this guy went missing quite quickly.

Still not enough info to find the final box - one more box to go...

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