Friday, March 7, 2014

Missing the trail...

Hello all.

It has been quite the new year.  I moved, and it has been non-stop busy since.  I haven’t been able to slow down for even a second to catch my breath.  Favourite part of new home:  <30 minute work commute.  Worst part of new home: already have to replace the brand new floors.  Miss that?  Let me repeat: I have. To replace. My brand. New. Floors. Gawd.  I have no money for this.  My car also just decided to rot and I just put a few grand into it.

Sigh.  I’m whining.  My apologies.

I’ve even been so busy, I haven’t been keeping up with the goings on at AQ... (Anyone care to give me a quick summary in the comments? Any drastic changes I should be aware of?  Did Webfoot finally release some orange? Did the community come down on magnet-only boxes? Anyone finally oust Jiggs?)

Also, as everyone is aware, this winter sucks. Hard.  I’m so over winter.  I long for the trail. I have boxes to plant so I desperately need this snow to melt.  I’m also back in Burlington, so I would really like to go revisit some of my old boxes (and cull, maybe)...

Anyways, sorry for this whiny post.  I will be back.  I’ve got projects in my head and places to see.  Hopefully, we have a good letterboxing season ahead of us.

Happy melting trails!

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  1. I sympathize completely. It has been a bitter horrible winter. Not conducive to much letterboxing. Add the fact that Hal is working 6 days a week. I don't even care when spring comes. I'll be happy just to see less bitter, stormy weather because I usually enjoy winter boxing. And Hal loves that there are no bugs. LOL.