Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January letterboxing...

No worries, I'm still here. Loving the lack of snow and the balmy temperatures; hating that I didn't get to take advantage of it. C'est la vie.
Life has been pretty hectic so far in 2013, and though my blog posting may have been pushed (forced?) to the bottom of the list, I assure you my letterboxing activities have continued unabated.
As of this weekend, I have four letterboxes sitting on my credenza just waiting to be planted. I've been carving up a storm and have now transferred images for my contribution to this year's Coaster Boaster down in the greater Buffalo area (here's hoping that my renewed passport returns to me soon).
Turns out the printer at work is beautiful for transfers - thank goodness. (I mean, that should have been a condition of my employment, really.) As a matter of fact, it actually gives up its toner a little too easily. When I finally tried this particular printer, at least two days after I printed on this particular piece of paper, the xylene made the toner leak right off of the page. Xylene may be a little too strong, so I've resorted to my iron - works fantastically. And, as I found out, it is a colour laser printer - which also transfers amazingly. And with that feature, I'm going to try out my first(ish) layered stamp. More to come on that!
I've also got quite a number of other things in the queue: my Sweetheart Transfers minimeet  (ironically, these are printed, but not transferred yet), my L&B XV contributions, some stamps unrelated to letterboxing (sad, I know), and stamps for about 10 planned letterboxes.

Still plugging away!
Hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather!

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