Saturday, December 15, 2012

Just checking in...

Well, it's been a long time since I've posted here.  There probably won't be too many more posts before the end of the year (if any). But here's a quick update of my travels:

  • I've moved to downtown Toronto.  Mostly everything is unpacked, but I just can't find where I put things.  Case in point: I know where my OZ Cut is, can't find my gouges.  Little hard to do any carving in those circumstances...
Supervising the moving process.  Also can't find the gouges.
  • I bought one of those Helmer drawer sets for my letterboxing stuff.  I saw them in an Ikea a while ago and thought the shallow drawers and mobility of the thing would be perfect for my letterboxing stuff in my new apartment.  I was right, it's perfect.  Problem: Ikea is discontinuing them.  So go buy one asap! I was told what is on shelves is what is left...
Also, the Burlington Teen Tour Band finishing up the Niagara on the Lake Parade...
  • The marching season is over.  No more parades for me this year - luckily the weather was pretty good for all of them, so I haven't lost any fingers to frost bite. 
  • My Christmas cards are finally done and going out.  I carved my own again this year - three different stamps, two from images, two that I carved freehand (into my last bit of that awful crumbly stuff - now it is gone!). 
This year's cards, free hand carves on the last bit of the crumbly stuff.
Anyways, I'm off.  Christmas plans to plan, need to clean my new place, and getting prepped for a new job in the new year.  Oh, and I guess I also have to do some Christmas shopping.  Gotta go, busy.

Happy trails!


  1. that happened when we moved to NC,too, except in reverse: i lost my OZcut, but had my carving kit. Interesting the things that go missing in a move. . .

    1. Still haven't found the gouges, or my knives. But I found my paper cutter, scissors, carving material, inks, book binding things... Gah. I know they were packed; I have a distinct memory of telling myself, "I'll just put the gouges *here* so that I'll be able to find them easy when I get to Toronto."

      My brain has clearly outfoxed me.

  2. You should have had all that stuff in a fanny pack- strapped to you :D. I love the ikea money thing- yay pop culture phenomenon.

    I have been patiently waiting for you to sign up for Box on 2013... HIIINNNTTT.

    Glad to hear you are stepping into a new role. We obviously need to catch up.

    In the meantime I heard about this great event called Ode to the Mix Tape: 80's Jamming Letterboxing Party..... its in Kitchener Ontario.... and you should completely sign up...

    Haha.... happy trails to you too.!
    vivian the viking

    1. Ooo, somehow I missed the Box ON 2013 email? Gah, on it! Completely signed up!