Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spoiler: Transfer and a little carving

Hello all.  Just an update on me and the event carve that I had posted earlier.  Me, well, I've been sick as a dog with the flu which has morphed into a lung infection.  This has taken me out for the past ten days or so and generally I feel like hell still.  Yay day three of antibiotics.

Anyways, in the few moments I've had where I actually had some energy, I finally transferred and started carving.  Summer's coming!

Initial transfer using xylene on Webfoot's NZ Cut.  I was really happy with the transfer and the detail was really nice.

I never really know where to start when I carve larger images, so I picked the sun and got it and the rays finished.  I think I probably should have done the ornate border first, so I think I'll work on that next.

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