Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shouldn't have made that left turn at Albuquerque

Hello letterbox land!

So, the week is over, four day long weekend full of letterboxing planned.  Now, the weather is trying once again to thwart such activities, but I will not be swayed.  Even if I am soaked to the bone, so long as I can somehow figure out how to keep logbooks dry, I'm going.  Perhaps there should be rain safe icon on AtlasQuest...

This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to see the Bugs Bunny Symphony at the Sony Centre in Toronto (fantastic, flawless performance - loved the integration with the classic cartoons - if you have the opportunity to see it, GO!).  The performance along with it being Easter weekend has inspired me to carve a hitchhiking Bugs which I'll hopefully be able to plant this weekend in my travels, along with my other two ready-to-plant traditional boxes.

Since I don't really think there is any real spoiler in showing the hitchhiker image (which you'll probably never see in real life), here is the progress of the of the image and carve.  The top two left pics are the printed Bugs - I used both to create a Bugs that had his thumb out like a hitchhiker.  You then to the right of that see a part-way carve, then along the bottom, finishing and cleaning the waskawy wabbit up. 

Happy long weekend!


  1. We are heading out boxing for the weekend too . . . in the Toronto area . . . rain or shine . . . we have umbrellas . . . LOL . . .

    Big Blue Team
    St. Thomas, ON

  2. Can't stop us!!! After the long winter of snow and a longer rainy spring, us letterboxers just need to take a stand and say NO to the weather. ;)

  3. Hi Bumble,
    I found your blog by doing a local search for blogs. It's a new feature on AQ.

    Love the Bugs Bunny stamp. Nice idea to post the carving progression.

    I hope you had a great boxing weekend.

    Lone R