Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sweety, your brain looks delicious

Confined to my apartment due to a snowy whopping, I finally got the chance to finish up the carves I made for Fiddeheads' Sweetheart Transfers Mini-Meet next weekend - and make a couple valentines I can give away.

I generally don't like Valentines, so I wanted to make something off-kilter and who doesn't like zombies?  With a new font in hand - Feast of Flesh - I carved some quick stamps to make some fun cards.

Here are the stamps, done:

And then the finished cards:

Looking forward to seeing folks next weekend!

Happy trails :)


  1. damn... you upped the bar... I love it. Un-traditional. Which is awesome. I went a bit more traditional on mine but then again I still have to finish them.. eek

    1. Get 'em done - I'm going to want one of yours!