Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bumble, stung by a bee

Fun fact of the day: despite being stung by bees or wasps in the past and have no problems beyond the then immediate problem of, you know, being stung by a bee, one can be stung by a bee and then develop a systemic infection that can mess you up.  

I am living proof of this.  Stung on the back of my leg by a wasp who decided crawling up my jeans was a great idea.  This happened on Sunday.  By end of work day Monday, my whole leg was on fire and I wasn't feeling too hot. I went to the Doc who said it was a good think I came in so quick because it was spreading up to my torso and I would have had a whole host of different problems if that had happened.

So now I'm on antibiotics, pramox, and benadryl for the next ten days.  As of this moment, my leg is still burning like crazy. 

And so now I respond with song.  Below you'll find the lyrics to "Bumble, stung by a bee" to the tune of "Eric the Half a Bee".


As a “Bumble” bee
I philosophically
Must ipso facto like a bee
But now I be
Due to a stinging bee
A medicated entity
D’you see?

But stung by bee?
How can it be?
So viciously
Below my knee?
And now infected
Due to this recent injury.


La dee dee
One two three
Bumble, stung by a bee
Bumble, stung by a bee

Can this wretched Bumble be
Medicated under her knee
With antibiotics taken twice daily?
Yes! Bumble’s been stung by a bee

Fiddle de dum, fiddle de dee
Bumble, stung by a bee
Ho ho ho, tee hee hee
Bumble, stung by a bee

I hate that hive employee-ee
Who stung me accidentally
One evening climbing under my jean
I hate him constantly.

She hates him constantly.
Semi constantly.

The end.

Cyril Connelly?

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