Saturday, May 12, 2012

Girls, girls, girls...

So, I've finished all my carving for Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge and spent some time this morning putting together a logbook for this short pinup word of mouth series that will be posted just before the event.

The leading ladies for the soon-to-be-planted letterbox series 

In the past, I've not been so hot to trot about logbooks.  I love old logbooks and the joy they bring when finding an old box, but putting them together in the past has really not been my thing.  It was always that list niggling thing that needed to be done before I could get out and plant - usually meaning that it was an afterthought and there are some pretty crummy logbooks out there in some of my older boxes.

That's changed in recent boxes and I've been trying my hand at different types of book binding.  I actually went so far as to pick up a couple books on it while visiting the Toronto craft show a few months back.  I've taken my time on a couple logs now... In particular, I spent quite a bit of time on the Touch of Voodoo logbook, though no one has mentioned it... I hope it is holding up well, it has no stitching...

So, with the need for a new logbook for this new series, I set off this morning to make a cute logbook to match the series.  Here's what happened:

All done, now they just need to be planted.  Everything seems to be falling into place for Wink Wink, hope you can make it!

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