Thursday, October 20, 2011

Still here...

Life has somewhat interfered with my letterboxing.  I ended up having to move one city over after my roommate decided to move in with her boyfriend, and days after I moved, I was offered a new position over an hour away.  So now I'm on the move yet again.  This will be the fourth move in two years.

This after a tree decided to take out my car - along with three others this past Labour Day weekend.  The insurance wrote off the car and I had to find another... I'm cursed with cars.  The  check engine light is already on in the new one.  Sigh.

Because of all that, letterboxing has moved down on the priority list.  Nevertheless, I still managed to make it to BoxON this year in Rockwood - had a fantastic time - and carve an enormous stamp for planting.  It has been divied up and planted, and I'm just working through the lengthy clue.  Hopefully, I'll be able to post it as a pdf here, which is my preference, not sure if I can do that with Blogger.  Stay tuned.

Happy Autumn, everyone!

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  1. I hope your luck improves. Congrats on the new job.