Sunday, January 9, 2011

Carve, carve, carve!

So the holidays are now long over, and I managed to hide one box and one hitchhikers' hostel over the holidays, though no finds for me.  Not long after, both boxes were found (which I find comforting - I hid something someone wanted to find and it was found before it could go missing, phew).  Tragically, I still have one box that I planted last September that hasn't been found.  It has a time limit on it due to the impending destruction of the location of the hide, so I feel bad for the little feller...

This weekend has been very fruitful on the box creation front.  I carved five stamps, completed three boxes, managed to hide one, as well as took advantage of DeSerres' current sale on ColorBox inks.  I have two series on the go, and various singles boxes finished or in the works, all leading up to Ontario Plant a Letterbox Day.  Crossing fingers and hoping for the best.


  1. How much longer will The Little House box be available. My hubby asked me to plan a boxing day as soon as he gets home from this trip.

  2. All I know is that the building is to be demolished in "the spring". I'm not sure when you were thinking of going... but you may want to hold off on this one if it is right out of your way. You never know what might get planted nearby in February ;)